• Gorilla Trekking, Volcanoes National Park (Rwanda)

    Volcanoes National Park, one of the best places to see these gentle giants. 

  • About Rwanda, Land of a Thousand Hills

    Rwanda has more to offer than the mountain gorillas. 

  • About Uganda, The Pearl of Africa

    Uganda's beauty, wildlife diversity, and friendly people justify its reputation as "The Pearl of Africa".

  • Chimpanzee Habituation Experience (Uganda)

    The Chimpanzee Habituation Experience in Kibale is probably the best experience with wild chimps

  • Shoebill Stork, Mabamba Wetland (Uganda)

    Mabamba wetland is one of the best locations to see the shoebill.

  • Discover Rwanda by Helicopter

    Akagera Aviation offers you the opportunity to have a scenic flight to one or more protected areas.

  • Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and the Shoebill (Uganda)

    Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is also an incredible place for birds including the Shoebill Stork.

  • Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary (Uganda)

    There were none left in Uganda until the Rhino Fund imported a few ... 

  • Relocation of 19 Rothschild's giraffes in Murchison Falls NP (Uganda)

    2017, successfull relocation of 19 Rothschild's giraffes to South bank of Murchison.

  • Rescue of an Endangered Rothschild's in Murchsion Falls NP (Uganda)

    Follow the rescue of an Endangered Rothschild's giraffe from Poacher's Snare in Murchsion Falls.

  • The Reintroduction of Akagera's seven new lions (Rwanda).

    2015 - Follow the journey from South Africa and the exciting reintroduction of Akagera's seven n

  • The Return of Rhinos to Rwanda

    May 2017: The arrival of 10 Rhinos from South Africa .The return of Rhinos follows the re-introduction of lions in Akagera National Park in 2015.

And there is nothing more beautiful than the moment which precedes the trip, the moment when the horizon of tomorrow comes to visit us and tell us its promises
Milan Kundera
Czech writer