About us

In 2020, we celebrate our 20 years of operation. The past years have been a great story that we like to share around a campfire with our clients. From luxury camping safaris, to lodge experiences, to road trips as well as fly-in tours, ours has been a story that still deserves to be told. 

Founded by 2 friends: Eric and Deicole, Magic Safaris has provided the best tourism experiences for its clients in both Uganda and Rwanda. At the beginning, the 2 friends traveled all over Uganda and Rwanda searching for the best sites, the best views and the most rewarding experiences.

We were the first company to provide luxury camping safaris in Uganda (at that time there were only a few lodges) and in 2009 we started with the Lodges safaris and operated as a Destination Management Company organizing tailor-made safaris mainly for Tour Operators all over the world.

In 2020, Eric is retiring from active management of the company and is handing his duties over to Deicole. Together, they are mentoring a new generation to ensure the future of the company. 

  • Deicole Mugema
    Managing Director

    Deicole was born and has grown up in Rwanda and is cofounder of Magic Safaris. Almost 20 years ago to the day, together with Eric, an old friend, they created Magic Safaris to operate in Uganda and Rwanda. It was the time when in the 2 countries the facilities were not as developed as they are now. 

    At present he is mainly devoted to consolidating the operations while supervising the day-to-day management of the 2 agencies. In the near future he hopes to pass the torch to the new generation.

  • Eric Degreef

    Every crisis provided us with new opportunities.  After the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda we came to Uganda and in 2009 the Global Financial Crisis forced us to change our business model. Today it's not different. We are challenged by yet another global crisis, this time a severe health crisis.This gives us the opportunity to transmit our experience gathered over the last 20 years and pass the business to a new generation. Although retiring from my Managing Director function, I will stay on as Director and will focus on the transition and the maintenance of our new website. 

  • Lionel Mugema
    Sales & Marketing

    Lionel was born in Rwanda and grew up in Uganda. It was in Uganda that he fell in love with the wilderness and beauty of the country.

    Prior to joining Magic Safaris, Lionel worked in the travel and tourism industry as a Travel Designer. He has travelled throughout the region and visited most of the parks and sites in Uganda and Rwanda. He brings experience and enthusiasm to the Magic Safaris team. With this rich background, Lionel looks forward to designing an itinerary that will showcase the beauty of this part of the continent.

  • Joel Kule Senior Tour Guide
    Joel, Kule
    Senior Tour Guide Uganda & Rwanda

    Born in Uganda on the border of Queen Elizabeth NP. Joel first worked as a teacher before following his passion – the love for the wilderness. He became a Park Ranger and interpretive tourist guide. His work involved sensitizing communities living alongside the national parks. His job as a Ranger gave him an opportunity to visit all the parks in Uganda.
    He joined Magic Safaris in 2008 and holds certificates in guiding and birding. He is a senior Tour Guide for both Uganda and Rwanda. 

  • Magic Safaris Tour Guide
    Junior Tour Guide

    Max grew up in Uganda and is fluent in English, Luganda, Kinyarwanda and speaks good French. Through his previous employment, he has worked in the different parts of the country and has travelled widely within Uganda.

    He moved in 2018 to Rwanda and joined Magic Safaris as a Junior Tour Guide. He loves travelling and discovering new cultures. He's is very enthusiastic to share his knowledge with you.

  • Magic Safaris Tour Guide Uganda & Rwanda
    Senior Tour Guide Uganda & Rwanda

    Born in Masindi, very close to Budongo Forest and Murchison Falls NP. After his studies he attended a mechanical engineering course dreaming about driving his own safari car. In 2003, he joined Magic Safaris and has travelled widely around Uganda and Rwanda. 
    He is interested in animal behaviour and during game drives, he is more than eager to share his wealth of knowledge about social structures, reproductive behaviour and hunting strategies with the guests. He's a licensed Senior Tour Guide. 

  • Magic Safaris Tour Guide
    Aimable Jean Claude
    Senior Tour Guide Rwanda & Uganda

    Aimable was born and grew up in Rwanda. He's licensed tourist guide and spreaks fluently English, French, Kinyarwanda and Swahili. 
    He is a senior Magic Safaris guide with 12 years of experience as a tourist guide in both Uganda and Rwanda, he knows all the parks and sites in the region. In the course of his career he even sometimes accompanied tourists to parks in neighbouring Tanzania such as Ngorongoro and Serengeti.

And there is nothing more beautiful than the moment which precedes the trip, the moment when the horizon of tomorrow comes to visit us and tell us its promises
Milan Kundera
Czech writer