Uganda Chimpanzee Habituation Experience

Chimpanzee in fig tree (Kibale Forest Uganda)

Wild chimps are easy to hear but difficult to see unless they are habituated. The process is done gradually and takes up to 2 years and more before tourists will be allowed. The results are different from one location to another because the habituation process is an on going process and a community of chimps can have more than 40 members. It takes time to make them all comfortable with humans. Habituated chimp communities need also a continuous day-by-day focus . Problems can occur and the tracking experience can change with some ups and downs. 
KIbale Forest is probably the best place to see the wild Chimpanzees !

The Chimpanzee Habituation Experience is a unique opportunity that will allow you to follow a chimpanzee group in its daily activities. 

Accompanying Kibale Rangers, you will be on the forest floor early in the morning. Catching up with a chimpanzee group, then you will follow them and obsere the full gamut of their behavior : searching for their favorite fruits, calling the other group members, feeding in the prefered fig trees and afterwards coming down for some resting and grooming.  Excellent photo opportunities!  

You will be part of the Uganda Wildlife Authority initiative to habituate chimps to the human presence without changing their natural environment. 

This is one of the great moments of your safari! Probably the best experience with chimps in the wild! 

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Chimpanzee on the outlook (Kibale Forest National Park)
Chimpnazee resting (Kibale Forest National Park)
Juvenile chimpanzee grooming (Kibale Forest National Park)
Juvenile chimpanzee grooming (Kibale Forest National Park)
Male Chimpanzee on the Outlook (Kibale Forest National Park)
Chimpanzee looking at the Canopy ((Kibale Forest National Park)
chimpanzee - Kibale Forest
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