Balloon Safari (Murchison Falls)

View of Murchison Falls National Park from hot-air balloon Safari (Uganda)

Balloon trips are the latest addition of tourist activities in Murchison Falls NP.  The company started operations just before the covid-19 crisis and hopefully operation will pick-up soon again. The company organizes normally sunrise and sunset trips.

- Sunrise balloon trips are organize from AM5h00 till AM 9h30. Your Adventure starts early in the morning and your driver-guide will bring to launch-site. Your pilot takes you through the important safety briefing ahead of your flight as the sky begins to lighten and the crew inflates the balloon.

Each flight is a different journey dictated by the direction of the wind, where the sights and sounds rise from the ground to meet you. You know where you’ve started but you don’t know where you will return to earth. This is part of the adventure. 

The guests are transported to the take off position, and enjoy taking photos as they watch the balloon inflation process. They are then briefed on safety regulations by the pilot and start flying around 6:00 am right before sunrise.

The Balloon ride lasts for about an hour after which the balloon lands and guests receive their participation certificates. On the way back a mini safari tour is provided depending on the landing position. The trip ends at about 8:00 am.

- Sunset balloontrip start at 4:00 pm and end at 6:30 pm (no bush dinner is provided)

Five Elephants sighted from Hot Air Balloon (Murchsion Falls Uganda)
Elephantbaby and mother sighted from Hot Air Balloon (Murchsion Falls Uganda)
 Elephant anoyed by Hot Air Balloon (Murchsion Falls Uganda)
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