Volcanoes National Park
The Parc National des Volcans (PNV) is part of the Virunga Conservation Area and covers more than 125 km².PNV is home of five Virunga volcanoes: Sabyinyo (3.674 m), Gahinga (3.474 m), Bisoke (3711 m), Muhabura (4.127 m), and the Karisimbi, the highest volcano with an altitude of 4.507 m. All five volcanoes are extinct, the active ones are ...
Nyungwe Forest NP.
Nyungwe forest is an Albertine Rift montane rainforest. The Albertine Rift forms the epicentre of Africa's montane rainforest circle. It is dominated by a series of mountain chains, originating on the Lendu Plateau in northern Uganda and Congo, running south through the Rwenzori mountains, western Rwanda and Burundi, to some isolated massifs on ...
Akagera National Park
Akagera NP is located in the east of Rwanda along the Akagera river which is the natural border with Tanzania. The park was created in 1936 and was once in terms of natural beauty, landscape, scenery and animal life, one of the best national parks. The National Park has been de-gazetted by two-thirds of its original territory due to human ...
Iby'Iwacu Cultural Village - Volcanoes NP
Communities around the Volcanoes National Park have embraced this Community Based Tourism project to raise their income levels through a participative approach in tourism as an incentive for conservation.
Genocide Memorial Centre - Gisozi & others
The Kigali Memorial Centre at Gisozi was opened on the 10th Anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, in April 2004. The Centre in Kigali was created by a joint partnership of the Kigali City Council and the UK-based Aegis Trust. The creation of the Kigali Memorial Centre was funded by a number of donors worldwide.
Huye (Butare) and the National Museum
Rwanda has a rich history and culture. It was long time regarded as a mysterious kingdom with a legendary military force which was carefully bypassed by the Arab traders and the great Nile Explorers.John Hanning Speke was already welcomed to the court of Kabaka (King) Mutesa I of Buganda in 1862 while the first European visited Rwanda only 30 ...
Lake Kivu
Rwanda counts in total 23 fresh water lakes which fill the Rwandan valleys. Lake Kivu is the largest lake with its 2.699 km² and is divided between Congo and Rwanda. The lake lies on an altitude of 1.459 m and is the highest of Africa. Beneath the lake are located vast reserves of methane gas which have not been exploited.

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