The Pearl of Africa

Country Overview.

Uganda with an area of 236.580 square kilometres has roughly the size of Great Britain. It is situated on the equator and lies on the elevated plateau which rises between the eastern and western branches of The Great Rift Valley. Most of the country is over 1.000 m in altitude.

When it comes to the more conventional game-viewing, Uganda may be not the safari destination to bear comparison with Tanzania or Kenya. However Uganda's beauty, wildlife diversity, and friendly people justify its reputation as "The Pearl of Africa". The habitats are immensely varied and it can be stated without exaggeration that Uganda is one of the most biologically diverse nations on the continent: primeval forest, rain forest, snow-capped mountains, savannah, crater lakes and volcanoes.

Uganda is home to the source of the Nile. It is also home to more than 1,000 species of birds, and there are more species of primates than you will see anywhere else in the world. It is in Uganda that the greatest percentage of Mountain Gorilla (gorilla gorilla beringei) and chimpanzees remain, with many other mammal species representative in both East and Central Africa. Uganda gives you more than an ordinary safari! As an off-the-beaten path destination, Uganda will offer you an exceptional nature experience! Gorilla and chimpanzee viewing will bring new dimension to your safari, an experience of a life time that no other East-African country can offer! You will find abundant game, often in extraordinary circumstances.

Uganda’s list of gazetted conservation contains ten national parks (NP) several wildlife reserves (WR) and Forest Reserves (FR). National Parks have a higher status and conservation priority than other reserves.

The southwest is without any doubt the most interesting part of Uganda with the largest number of National Parks (NP) and Wildlife Reserves (WR). It is part of the Albertine Rift (Western Rift Valley) and is one of the most important locations in East-Africa for the conservation of mammals, birds, and freshwater fish in Africa. This region, running from the northern end of Lake Albert to the southern end of Lake Tanganyika, and encompassing the land on either side of the western rift valley (Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania) is home to many species that occur only here.

Our "Classic Uganda", "Uganda Discovery", "Western Oasis" and "The Best of the West" routes, are basic itineraries offering the key places of south-western Uganda. They combine different travel styles and national parks to suit the best your needs and budget. They are the most asked for itineraries of the past years. The "scheduled small groups safaris" are for the more budget minded traveler while "the private safaris" are samples itineraries for private parties that can be tailor made to suit the best your needs. Taking the designed southwest routes and their extensions has the advantage to visit the most unforgettable places of Uganda: Kibale Forest NP, Semliki NP & Semliki WR, Rwenzori NP, Queen Elizabeth NP, Kyambura WR, Bwindi Impenetrable NP and Mgahinga NP.

Our “Uganda Grand Tour”  routes will combine the southwest of Uganda with a visit to the northwest which will allow you to discover Uganda's largest Park bisected by the River Nile; Murchison Falls NP. The remote Kidepo Valley NP lies in the northeast of Uganda is only accessible by plane (see our Fly-in safaris) will likely attract more visitors in future now that a new lodge has been opened. 

Lake Victoria is the largest lake on the continent and the main source to the Nile. The islands are increasingly becoming tourist attractions (Bulago Island, Ngamba Island and the Sesse Islands) and can be visited out of  Entebbe. Some of them will offer you excellent beach holidays. The sources and the spectacular rapids of the River Nile (rafting) will bring you more to the east where you will also find the romantic Sipi Falls on the slopes of Mt Elgon NP. The more than 300 years old rock paintings at Kumi are considered as the best of East Africa.

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